Stories of staying alive

I study depression and write about why we break and how we mend. I talk to therapists, scholars, sufferers, survivors who lean into despair with candour, curiosity and courage, who challenge the stigma and illuminate the truth behind mental illness. Who show the rest of us how to adore and endure life. 

If you care about this, too, join me on my quest:

About me

Hi, I am Elitsa.
I was a stock market analyst in Washington DC, then flew over to Bali to join a startup incubator, then co-founded a software business in London, and as the company grew and I got too comfortable, I knew it was time to leave.
Now I spend my days prying into mental health. My quest is to break through the stigma and the lazy cheerleading, and sit down to talk about depression with candour, curiosity and courage.

Contact me

If you have a story to share, or know someone you think I should talk to, or just wish to stop by and give me a high-five, you can write to me at